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Summer Snacks That Are Healthy!

I was looking for healthy options for summer snacks when I found these! I LOVE the Ruby Red in my salad it's my favorite.

Healthy Foods

The classic kraut is great on turkey hot dogs and if you leave the bun off the plate it's very low cal

but still feels like your having a summer favorite. Hot off the grill.

Classic Kraut

A classic sauerkraut with a mild flavor and just a hint of tang from the fermentation process. It is the most traditional fermented food we make and is a favorite of classic sauerkraut enthusiasts. Enjoy it on your favorite sandwich, bratwurst, burger, wrap or salad. Ingredients: green cabbage*, celtic sea salt. *organic ingredients

Ruby Red Kraut

A twist on the classic kraut recipe with a depth of flavor and texture from red cabbage, beets and carrots. Enjoy it with roast chicken or turkey, mashed potatoes, soup, salad or as a side to any meal. Ingredients: *green cabbage, *beets, *green onions, *carrots, celtic sea salt. *organic ingredients

Emerald City Kraut

Named after our vividly green home city of Seattle, Emerald City Kraut contains chlorophyll-rich kale and sea vegetables. Turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory and healing digestive spice adds a mellow warmth and golden hue to this delicious blend. Ingredients: *green cabbage, *kale, celtic sea salt, *coriander, *dill, *turmeric, *red chili peppers. *organic ingredients

The full article is in the July Issue READ MORE

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