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The Hottest Way to Stay Cool

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

Am I the only one who would rather stay indoors then to go outside in the blistering heat all day? If you are just like me, then we are in for some serious trouble for the summer. What if we could go outside and actually enjoy the heat? What if I told you that I know a few simple hacks to let you stay cool while staying hot?

1. Flowy

Sport the flowy attire! One of the best ways to stay cool is to not have all that tight clothing rubbing against your body. Believe me, the more comfortable you feel, the better you look.

2. Ditch those sweaty shoes

The worse thing to wear are wet shoes. You are miserable the entire time and, if you are like me, you complain the entire time too. SO, ditch those sweaty shoes and go for something more comfortable! Stylish! Cool! Sandals, heels, and even wedges. I love wearing wedges because I still feel sexy and my feet don't sweat off in the heat. Plus it gives you a chance to show off your new pedicure.

3. Layer with Open Weave Knits

Pair some great shorts with a cool feeling breezed knitted shirt. This breathable material will leave you cool and cute at the same time. No more fighting the summer heat.

4. Handbag or small crossbody

Nothing says tired like an over sized tote bag or backpack. Instead of lugging around a huge bag, how about we switch it to a small crossbody or handbag? You still carry the essentials and you're looking cute while doing it. Plus, to top it off, you're not sweating ten times more by trying to drag a suitcase around with you.

5. Boyfriend Pants

Must wear pants? Do it stylishly, wear loose boyfriend pants. Embrace the loose fit of denim jeans or sport the flowy and wide jeans that are too adorable for words. Match it with a cute top and you're all set for summer!

For those of you that are just like me, you begin to hate summer because of how hot it is or how you end up wearing the wrong outfit and material. But, thanks to the few hacks I provided, we both can end up loving summer, and the heat, and not be miserable.

Written by: Alexa Harmon

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