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Liz Kate for Teen Alist Magazine

Teen A-list Magazine July 2021


Please share with us a little about yourself.

Hi, my name is Liz Kate! I am an Actor and Singer/Songwriter loosely based between Atlanta and Nashville. I go to college at Belmont University in Nashville where I major in Songwriting. I started acting when I was about 5 and booked my first movie when I was 6 after I moved from South Florida to Georgia. Around the same time, I started getting into music and haven’t looked back since. I’m a plant and dog, mom, and love, to express my creativity in different ways. I’ve recently started getting into sewing and vintage chain stitch embroidery. I also love roller skating and being outdoors.

Tell us a little about your new film "Dear Evan Hansen”.

Dear Evan Hansen, is a story surrounding high school student, Evan Hansen (Ben Platt) who gets wrapped up in the aftermath of a classmate’s suicide when the family mistakes him as a friend to their son. All Evan wants to do is help but things keep spiraling for him as he gains attention for a friendship he never had with Connor. Evan has social anxiety and never seemed to fit in, and this sudden change leaves him not knowing how to backtrack without hurting others. It embodies important topics and emotions such as mental health, loneliness, grief, and the desire to feel okay loved, and accepted. It’s a story for all ages and is needed now more than ever to open the conversation about suicide prevention and awareness.

You play Gemma in Dear Evan Hansen, what was it like finding out you got the role?

To say I was excited to book the role of Gemma in "Dear Evan Hansen" would be an understatement. I’ve poured myself into music just as much as I have acted over the years, and this was the perfect marriage of the two to jump start my career. As actors, we feel a lot like Evan most days, the rejection a creative face in the industry is hard but when you have a little win (or a big win in this case) it makes all the hard work and the “no” worth it. I was able to showcase acting, vocals, and guitar in one role, which is rare. I am forever grateful to the director, Stephen Chbosky, and Universal Pictures for giving me this opportunity.

Who would you love to collab with on music?

It would be impossible to list all the artists I would love to collaborate with. I’ve learned over the years you can learn something from anyone but a few of my favorites would be Lianne La Havas, Norah Jones, Maggie Rogers, Sarah Bareilles, and Erykah Badu, I would also love to work with artists like Lauren Daigle, Kasey Musgraves, Remi Wolf, and Fiona Apple. I enjoyed working with Pasek and Paul on Dear Evan Hansen and I hope to continue to work with them in the future. The magic they bring to the film musically was astonishing. I hope to write for Film/TV and utilize my new music in storytelling.

How would you describe your musical style?

My music style lands somewhere in the Americana, Singer/Songwriter genres. Some say it has a Folk or Jazz feel at times. My coaches are well versed in a lot of styles, and I am thankful to not feel pinned in a tiny box. My songs are filled with emotional pull and my goal is to always help someone feel a connection when they hear my lyrics relating them to their own experiences. Music is healing and to hear others say your music helped them in some way keeps me going.

Will you be preforming live any time soon?

Live music is finally returning, and I am excited to play some shows this Fall with new music from my upcoming album. We are set to record in the next few weeks and it’s going to be a lot of fun sharing what we have been working on. We will be releasing dates for later this year on my website.

Do you any summer plans?

This summer I have been preparing to do some work for an amazing foundation called Songs For Kids in Atlanta ( This foundation provides music mentor-ship and interactive programs for kids and young adults with illnesses, injuries, and disabilities. I was young when I started playing at Songs For Kids fundraisers to raise money for the foundation. Now that I am an adult, I am looking forward to helping directly with the kids and using music to help them be creative express emotions, and have fun in a positive, safe environment.

Describe your personal fashion style.

I try to stay true to my aesthetic when it comes to style. I love boho, vintage or retro styles or fresh takes on those trends. I generally lean towards pieces that are flowy or lend movement. It usually just depends on what I am in the mood for that day or how I’m feeling. There is a part of me that is constantly evolving then again, I am consistent in a muted color palette and base piece to build on. I’ve recently started sewing and doing chain stitch embroidery so adding a unique touch to my wardrobe brings me joy.

Where do you like to shop?

My everyday go-to components are usually from Free People, Madewell, Earthbound, or Anthropologie. I love to thrift and find unique, out-of-the-box pieces.

What is your favorite food?

I love to cook, and my favorite dish would be Pan-Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon. I am always down to go get sushi. There is some incredible barbecue in Nashville and Atlanta that is completely unavoidable.

Which are your favorite social media apps?

Instagram and Tik-Tok are my favorite social media platforms right now. I try to have fun and capture memories on social media to look back on. You might catch the life of some of my new music. I love to play out new things I’ve written to gauge interest with my followers.

Where's the best place for our readers to keep up with you?

Thanks for asking! You can stay up to date by following me on Instagram, Tik-Tok, and all platforms @lizkatemusic. Subscribe for updates on my website at


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