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Tell us about yourself.

I was born in the Philippines at 5:32am on August 21, 1991. I moved to North Carolina when I was 2. I went to college at North Carolina State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies. Then I moved straight to California with the dream of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, where I gave birth to the YouTube channel ‘Guava Juice.’ I love reading non-fiction sci-fi novels out loud to my friends, and walking on the sidewalk with my dogs: Oogi, Callie and Izzi. I spend a lot of time trying out new restaurants, playing music and staying healthy!


We love your YouTube channel please share with us how it all started.

Funny story. Growing up I always loved food and when I went to college I missed my mom’s Filipino meals. I needed extra money because being a broke college kid didn't support my eating habits. So my appetite was the driving force behind all my success and I owe it all to food! With the power of YouTube and Google AdSense, I was able to afford meals for myself, which then turned out to be a passion for creating content and making people laugh through the internet.

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A-list Nation Magazine October  2019 Cover Story
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