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Submission Guidelines

PHOTOS MUST BE YOURS. All work must be original! All work must be unpublished!
Nation-Alist Magazine will only take a select amount of editorials for each issue. Please submit 10 to 14  high resolution images via dropbox. Send to  All credits of everyone involved in the shoot must be sent. We would like to credit everyone. Please do not leave out any information when submitting. Images can not have any logos, fonts or text on them. When you submit to Nation-Alist Magazine you acknowledge that editors have the right to place the story in any sequence that works for the magazine. The images may be edited, cropped or changes to suite the vision of the editor / magazine. The magazine will add the text and credits to the image if need be. 

Due to the high volume of emails we may not be able to reply to everyone. If there is an interest for the story to be published we will contact you and let you know which issue they will be published. You must send the high-res images by the deadline via dropbox or wetransfer. Your email MUST include the following: The title of your story (this may be changed by the editor) all credits, photographer, stylist, hair, makeup, and any other credits that may apply. If you do not send the credits the images may be published with only the photographers name credited. Send submissions to with "submission" in the subject line. 

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