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Tights You Can Live In !

I love the look of tights but hate the way they feel so when I tried Hipstik I fell in love. These are amazing. They are so comfortable and stylish I Just love them. Thank you Hipstik for make my life so much better : )

Magnetic Black Low-Rise Tights-Opaque – 97 denier Low-rise cut. Stretch lace top fits your shape without rolling or squeezing. No sagging thanks to the silicone stik strip Footed Soft and durable microfiber featuring Spandex

Made in the USA

(Click photo to read full article in September Issue )

Here's the story behind these great tights!

It all started with a pair of scissors. Seriously! One day after work, while changing into PJs, my husband and co-founder, Jason, was baffled by the scissor cut down the front of my pantyhose. He said, “What happened there?” I said, “THEY’RE SO UNCOMFORTABLE, so I cut them in the bathroom at the office!” We had a good laugh and that pair ended up in the trash. And then I began the hunt for a comfortable pair. After years of trying on dozens of styles and brands, I had given up. The largest size was too small – the tug, pull and irritating squeeze. The waist always too high – why is control top the only style available?! What if I don’t want a control top at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday!

I knew there had to be better. That’s when I had the “light-bulb” moment. With our backgrounds in product development and marketing, we knew we could make this happen. I could bring women the tights they actually want to wear. Then, the real work started. Asking friends about their own experiences wearing hosiery. Finding a manufacturing partner. Samples. Conversations. Samples. Testing. It became a crusade for comfort in a product category that has never been comfortable. And here we are – Hipstiks are everything women have ever wanted in a pair. I have found my happy. And I truly believe Hipstik tights are so comfortable, they will make your day happier, too.

How we size: We started with the standard U.S. apparel size chart (as most do) but didn’t end it there (as most do). Size 8 for her isn’t the same size 8 for all hers! The wrong size is not only uncomfortable, it’s not fair! Hipstik sizing is based on a woman’s shape, especially her hips and tummy, and not the number on a tag. Start with our easy charts to help you find the most perfectly fitted tights you’ve ever owned.

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