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Top 5 places to visit in summer, just for you!!

Are you tired of seeing a constant stream of too-good-to-be-true holiday pictures on your Instagram? Do you wish that you too, were laying on a white sand beach, sipping a glass of bubbly? Of course you do! Well, look no further as we have aligned five of the best spots to spend your summer days in that will make all of your friends rage in jealousy.

1. Nice – South of France

This beautiful city – sitting on the French Riviera – is the perfect spot for those who want a little bit of everything. From the coral Mediterranean Sea to the flourishing mountains, the luxurious hotels to the delicate little markets dotted around the city it has everything you would possibly want and more! Nice was originally founded by the Greeks and currently boasts a population of 1 million people, attracting millions of visitors every year. This city has numerous hotels that can be adjusted to fit anyone’s budget from costing £390 per night to £49 per night, whatever your budget may be, this city is sure to give you a holiday of a lifetime.

3. Cape Verde – Northwest coast of Africa

Cape Verde is perfect for those seeking a relaxing holiday as it is one of the most under-rated places to spend your summer, its 10-strong cluster of islands are just as beautiful as they are mysterious while sitting in the mid-Atlantic. Its temperatures are known to soar sky-high in the summer and during the whole year rarely go below 20°C. If lounging on white sand beaches, sipping cocktails doesn´t quite do it for you then a more adventurous approcah can easily be foundː sailing trips are also a popular go-to for visitors as it is known for its outstanding, adventure-packed trip, ´Classic Sailing´ describing it as a "unspoilt alternative to the Caribbean".

4. Baltic States ­­– Northern Europe

If your interest is to not only have a memorable, adventure-filled, hot summer but to also celebrate mid-summers in the most traditional countries, then this is the place to go. The three countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (otherwise known as the ´Baltics´) are known world-wide for their effort to keep traditions alive. Their festivals include brewing beer, eating plenty of cheese, taking part in activities such as bonfire leaping, wearing flower crowns the whole night and their motto - ´Eat, drink and be merry´ is all thats needed to explain this event. Taking place on the 23rd and 24th June you are sure to be aiming for 30°C+ temeperatures so remember to grab plenty of sunscreen.

5. Barcelona – Spain

The agriculture city that is not only known for its intense shopping, sandy beaches and out-of-this-world culinary dishes but also for its mesmerizing art and culture. The eye-catching Sagrada Família church and many other buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí may be what most tourists flock to Barcelona for however, there are many other numerous spots hidden in the city that offer the same amount of awe. These include the ´Grec Gardens Amphi-Theatre´ that is usually open to the public to sit in the warm sunshine and enjoy time with friends or the ´The Horta Labyrinth´ that is not only a fun activity but also costs the same as a slice of pizza. Whatever you choose to do in Barcelona, be sure to save some time aside to visit the notorious beaches to sunbathe, swim and relax.

2. Lido di Jesolo – Province of Venice, Italy

THE place to be if you are looking for a holiday to unwind in. The 10 mile beach is one of the largest attractions as it is the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming and having fun. By staying in Lido di Jesolo, you are easily able to make many day trips to the local cities such as – Venice, the obvious choice for culture and architecture, and Verona, the city of romance as it is the town where the world-famous ´Juliet´s Balcony´ is located. This city is also known for the exceptionally welcoming locals who are open and pleasent to all tourists.

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