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A-list Nation's Fall Fashion Feature

Kristina Fidelskaya Resort SS 19

True femininity is both statement and art. It has a certain obvious quality that owes nothing to earthly possessions or monetary value. With it, the humblest gesture becomes a signature of innate nobility; small details, the currency of inner strength.

Kristina Fidelskaya’s Resort 2019 is the answer to a simple question: how can luxury be defined in a time where materiality is meaningless and experience is all. To her and the woman she dresses, the everyday needs to break away from the mundane and enter the realm of the meaningful. Clothing becomes the vestment through which the body joins with behaviour to become art. More than style, they express one’s unvarnished truth.

Elongated silhouettes have a monastic asceticism, drawing on the contrast of natural materials and advances textiles. Used for their ability to become heirlooms, they are treated on equal footing. A subtle touch of masculinity nods to seminal decades: the garçonne of the Roaring Twenties, the body freed in the Swinging Sixties, the code-breaking Eighties and visual cues from Saville Row and the relaxed attitude of leisurewear. In the quest for modernity, memory is not lost or erased, it is sublimated.

The colour palette draws from Piero Manzoni’s Achromes to explore the transparent yet immutable presence of natural elements. The earthy lightness of blond sand and sandstone, the strong vegetality of tobacco brown and sage green, the stark power of onyx and ocean blue are echoed in a textural palette of washed canvas and evanescent parachute silk, technical poplin and Garza crepe, raw cotton and viscose twill. Metallic elements become the man-made jewels of the modern wardrobe while lightweight fabrics command attention, revealing the beauty of their natural fibre at their raw edges or as fringing. The abstraction of fashion reconnects with life through asperity in textures that tempt the hand and eye. The Arte Povera movement – birthed in the crucible of the late Sixties and cusp of the Seventies – finds a new territory in fashion,

and a harmonious voice in Kristina Fidelskaya.

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