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End of Summer Skincare - Must Have's

By the time summer comes to an end your skin is most likely very damaged. At this point if you don't do some damage control the signs of aging might take a toll. So here are our top must have's to repair you summer sun damaged skin from head to toe.


After a long summer your skin is thirsty and you need to make sure you are drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. But you also need a moisturizer that works. One of our favorites is Trilipiderm. This rehydration night cream is amazing.


Just because it's not 100 outside anymore doesn't mean you lay off the sunblock. Always include it in your daily morning skin care routine and if your running late and don't have time to do all the steps make sure you don't skip the La Roche Posay 50+ Anthelios AOX even if that's all you put on.


We must not forget to exfoliate not just your face but your whole body. If you don't exfoliate the cream or lotion you are putting on may not be able to do it's job. Exfoliating helps the cream or lotions get absorbed into the skin. We love Naples Soap Loofahs they are gentle and moisturizing glycerin soap combined with a natural loofah provides exfoliation for rough dry areas and cleansing for the whole body.


One of our favorites is La Roche Posay Lipikar Body Lotion DAILY REPAIR MOISTURIZING LOTION: This daily body lotion is for normal to dry skin and formulated with shea butter. Helps replenish skin's essential lipids and provide all day hydration.


Lets start with our Lips - Moroccan Magic Organic Lip Balm - Peppermint Eucalyptus This is an Organic Argan + Essential Oil lip balm Available at

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