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Island Hopping From Fuerteventura To Lanzarote

So, with being a canary resident we can get a nice discount when we want to island hop, which is fab. We decided to take a trip over to Lanzarote for the day.

We have all been there before but thought it would be nice to check out the beaches in different areas and some of the lava tunnels at Cueva de los Verdes.

The ferry service from Corralejo is very frequent. You can either travel over to Lanzarote by Fred Olsen or go with Armas. We decided upon Armas for our trip.

Our ferry was at 8 am, it only takes around 35 minutes to cross from Corralejo, we would be in Playa Blanca nice and early.

We were welcomed aboard Armas with plenty of seating inside and out with a tea/coffee counter and an added bonus of chocolate doughnuts, although it was early their still hard to resist.

When we arrived in Playa Blanca we headed off for breakfast so we would be full before embarking on our drive to the caves which was 50 minutes from where we were.

The Caves

Cueva de los Verdes is a popular tourist attraction. Many come to see the fascinating rock formations and are truly amazed by the size of the cave itself.

So, a little information about the caves. The cave was a sanctuary during the 16th and 17th century, the Islanders used to hide in the intricate tunnel system so that marauding pirates couldn’t find them.

During the vicious attack in 1618 from Tabán Arraez and Solimán (Calle Sangre in Teguise) the locals lived in the caves for two months whilst the pirates searched the island for them, lucky for them it was a perfect hiding place.

We decided to join one of the groups and do a 50-minute tour inside to see what we thought ourselves. They hold up to 50 in a group which we thought was reasonable.

Helpful Information & Tips

We were advised that the cave in some areas can get quite tight so if you suffer from Claustrophobia then maybe this one isn't for you.

As we went through the cave we were informed about how the caves were founded and formed. The walking area is well lit with railings in some sections. The ground was uneven so its best to wear sensible shoes.

As we went deeper the temperature didn't really change, it seemed to stay at 20 degrees which were surprising, you would half expect it to become quite chilly with being so deep down underground.

The guides are very informative which is great, its when they tell you that your standing in a volcanic tube which was formed when lava flowed from Mount Corona to the sea, you feel kinda privileged to be able to see the sheer size of the tunnel.

This lava tube is over 6km long and up to 50m high and 15m wide in places. We learned that a lava tube is left when the top of the lava flow cools and forms a crust but the current continues underneath.

The attraction of the Cueva de los Verdes was first opened to tourists back in 1964, In order to preserve the original tube and to demonstrate the spectacular features, the passage can be dark and narrow in places.

There are sections where we had to walk doubled over due to the low ceiling and you need to take care not to bump your head!

The caves can be quite deceiving, the picture below shows a mirrored image. What you see as a drop is actually water reflecting the top of the cave. No wonder they were never found by pirates!

These caves are not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs although young children are welcome, they just need to walk or be carried.

After walking around 25 minutes through small windy tubes we were amazed to enter a very large room with a stage and around 80 table and chairs, she explained that they regularly use the room for orchestral concerts.

You are allowed to take as many photos as you like and have a sit down for a few moments to take in your surroundings.

Our time was soon over so we headed back and worked our way up into the top chambers where we eventually popped out of another lava hole where we could then make our way back to our car.

We highly recommend the cave experience, the cost for three was 22 euros but we are residents so, as a non-resident it would be around 30 euros. Their open daily from 10 am until 5 pm.

After loving every moment of our tour we headed back down to Puerto Del Carmen where we wanted to check out the beach, shops and hire a bike for an hour.

Pit Stop For Camels

On route back we decided to pop over to see the camels at the national Parque. You can ride the camels if you like, they do a small trek up and around a small hill and back again.

Once there you can also have a look around the free museum where you can read all about the camels and the work they carried out with the old style equipment.

Puerto del Carmen

We visited Puerto Del Carmen a few years ago so we knew the town already. It's a very large town with tons on offer. The Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre is fab for fashion, food and generally chilling out.

Shop Shop Shop

They have a mini golf in the McDonalds on the top floor, perfect for the kiddies. Also, if you fancy kicking back and relaxing, check out the open-air cinema they have may films showing.

If like me your a fan of Zara clothing and Guess, then get yourself in those shops and cure that clothing habit, they have so many beautiful garments you're really spoilt for choice.

Outside of the shopping centre, you have many taxies to take you into town if you don't want to walk it.

There you will find hundreds of shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and even a huge Christmas bauble!

The walkways once in town are pretty as a picture, the slopes down to the beach are all lined with flowers and palm trees.

You will also see many railings with hundreds of love hearts attached to it, all signed with love, so very romantic and colourful.

There is so much to see in this town your simply worn out before you even hit the beach, which was next on our list of things to do.

You can't beat the feeling of sand between your toes. The volcanic sand in Lanzarote is extremely hot and silky.

The beach is a whoppa in Puerto del Carmen, you can walk for miles and miles taking in the magnificent views of sailboats in the ocean.

Time For A Ride

After strolling along we decided to hire a bike for a short while to give our feet a well-earned rest. The hire fee was 10 euro which we thought was pretty good.

We went for the three seater with pedals on both sides. The overhead cover is great shade from the sun as when you're pedalling hard you kinds work up a sweat.

You can follow long pathways to keep you away from the road. It's easy to follow and really smooth.

They take you all the way across the town and up to the airport where you can stop and see the planes fly in right over your head to land.

After playing around like children it was time to make our way back to the ferry port to return to Fuerteventura.

The port was only twenty minutes from where we were so we took a slow drive back to take in the last bit of scenery.

Our ferry was at 7 pm meaning we would be back in Corralejo for around 7:40 where we would head right over to Asia Garden for a tasty meal to finish off our day.

I would highly recommend a trip over to Lanzarote if your staying on Fuerteventura, you will love it!

Written By: Angela Leoni

Hello, my name is Angela Leoni, i am the creator of Travel Lobsters Travel, Food & Lifestyle Blog. I started this blog 2 years ago now and truly love sharing my adventures with all my readers.

I have always had a passion for travel, food and drink with a added love of culture, architecture and language. When i travel i love to explore every corner possible and seek out the best food and drink on offer.

I am also a fully qualified Beautician, i offer skin treatments such as thread vein removal,which gives me great pleasure in helping people who are self conscious.

I have two children of who i am very proud of, they give me support constantly and inspire me in every way possible.

I am a free spirit in mind and body, i will always write, travel and help people to feel good about themselves. I am truly a peoples person. I hope you enjoy some of my blogs, they are all different and even give you an insight into my own personal life.

Happy reading folks! :)

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