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Rayla / A-list Nation February Issue

Meet Rayla an impressive, emerging singer-songwriter who has made a splash in the music industry. Handpicked to open for the likes of Fetty Wap, HRVY, Daya, and Olivia Holt, this 17-year-old’s fresh, unique sound delivers songs that are packed with relatable lyrics. Her single “Boys Like You” received an overwhelming positive response and charted on Radio Disney. Rayla released “LNT”, the lead single off of her debut EP “Alter Ego” that captures a mix of Rayla’s authenticity and musical talent well beyond her years. Rayla’s EP is slated for release in this month, February 2019. She will also be lending her voice to the theme song “Let’s Go” for Disney Channel’s newest live-action series, Fast Layne which premieres February 15th. Rayla is starting off 2019 with so many exciting projects and we got the chance to let you in on some of the fun.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started.

I’ve always been into music since I can remember. My house was always playing music, of all types of genres: country, rock and roll, pop and old classics. I was 5 when I wrote my first song, which was so funny lyrically but had a great melody. From there I did a few performances at local theaters. I knew since I was about 10 that music was “my thing”. We had a music school in town I would go to after school where I would write and record songs and a bunch of us would do performances at open mic nights. Eventually I found my way to Nashville, LA and NYC, where I was able to work with some of the most talented producers and songwriters and eventually landed where I am today. I can’t wait to see what’s next and what the future holds.

What goes into the process of song writing?

Every writing session is different. The process can change depending on who’s in the room, what the mood is, or what life experience I want to write about. Some songs come very quickly like “Boys Like You”, while others may take a few sessions to feel they are complete. I usually work with a producer and we start by building a track together, then the melody’s and the lyrics just seem to come together. I love having other people in the room to bounce ideas off of but lately I have been experimenting with writing completely on my own, which is something really different for me.

What inspires you to write songs?

I am so inspired by life experiences, whether they are my own, or someone else’s. Sometimes just having a simple conversation with someone can trigger an idea for a new song. Inspiration seems to be all around me.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Besides Halsey, I have Post Malone and Khalid on my list! But honestly, I’m down to collab with anyone.

What's your all-time favorite song? So hard to answer this question. I’m indecisive because I grew up in a house filled with music, listening to so many classic songs that I still listen to today, but one song that fits any mood is “Somewhere Only We Know”, by Keane.

What’s your favorite foods?

I have an obsession with anything spicy, French fries are my weakness, and I love going out for sushi.

Where’s your favorite place to shop?

I am not a big shopper but I can spend hours in Wasteland, which is a vintage shop in Studio City, CA. I love small boutiques where I can find unique pieces that you may not find anywhere else.

Where’s your favorite place to vacation?

I just took a trip to Greece and had the best time with the most amazing people. Definitely a goal to be able to go back someday.

Describe your fashion style.

I think my style is more on the edgy side. I do feel it changes every day depending on what I am doing and how I feel. Some days I just want to be comfortable in an oversized hoody and other days I want the highest heel and the vintage rocker tee. I love unique pieces and pairing them with just a pair of ripped jeans. However, I do love getting totally red carpet dressed up whenever I can.

Tell us about the projects you're working on in 2019?

2019 started off at full speed with so many exciting things. I’m currently on tour with 4th Ave, it’s been really amazing to meet so many new people all across the country. I’m releasing my EP, “Alter Ego”, which I have been working on so hard for the past two years! I also have been working with Disney, of which it was recently announced I am singing the theme song, “Let’s Go” for their new Disney Channel series Fast Layne, which premieres February 15th. I have more new music and music videos coming too. I have so many goals set for 2019, but the rest you will have to wait to hear!

Keep up with Rayla on IG @rayla and check out all the inspiring stories HERE

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