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Taylor Bisciotti / A-list Nation February

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in the south. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and then went to UGA. I double majored in business and broadcast journalism. I’m now living in Los Angeles working for NFL network as a reporter/host/anchor!

How did you get into such a men's dominated industry?

I’ve grown up loving sports. Not only did I always play them as a child but grew up a big fan. I was definitely raised in a family that loves sports. Growing up with a brother (and all male cousins on my dad’s side of the family) sports were a way that we connected, bonded and more importantly a way that I could fit in with them. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with sports too.

Was there a lot of resistance because this was a man's sport?

Expectations and pressure on females I think will always be higher when you're in a male dominated industry. That’s just the way it is. Viewers are definitely going to be more forgiving if a male makes a mistake on air than if a female were to. As far as resistance, I think that females before me, like Beth Mowins, Erin Andrews, Hannah Storm were the ones that had it the hardest and really broke the glass ceiling for women in this field.

What is the craziest story you have covered?

The craziest story I have ever covered is surprisingly not a football story! When I was interning in D.C. we were covering a story on the “sketchiest” neighborhoods in the D.C. area based on a new app that had just come out. We ended up getting robbed at our second or third location and became the story. It was quite the finale ending to a great internship.

Tell us your favorite place to shop.

Intermix, revolve clothing, shop bop

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?

I can’t pick one! I love traveling. I try and travel as much as possible in the offseason. I love exploring new places and cultures. I find it so reinvigorating to open up your eyes to different places and different ways of life. Its outs life into perspective and helps me realize what is important in life.

What’s your favorite restaurant?


Tell us about the journey to get to where you are now.

I was sitting in class finishing up my final year of accounting at the University of Georgia and just couldn't imagine myself sitting in a small cubicle crunching numbers all day. It just wasn't my personality! I ended up interning at WUSA9- a local CBS affiliate in Washington DC on the nightly newscast and knew that I wanted to be a reporter. I went back to school and took over 30 hours in two semesters. I worked for ESPNU and our school station covering Northeast Georgia in my last semester. After college I was free lancing for Sporting News and Bleacher Report, still doing as much for ESPNU as possible (keep in mind I was a one man band….meaning I was shooting, writing, editing, and reporting. It taught me a lot!) I then began freelancing for SEC network. After that, I received a call from NFL Network to be full-time on-air talent for news updates. I can’t tell you how excited I was. I have now been at NFL network for 3 years and I couldn't be happier. (You’ve caught me on a good day) ;)

Tell us about your personal fashion style.

I love fashion because it’s a way to express yourself and your personality. On a day to day basis I’m a jeans and tee type of girl. On my show, ICYMI: all 32 I try and change up my style with each episode. I love the fact that it’s become more acceptable to not wear “anchor dresses” every day. Why look the exact same when you can stand out? My style definitely changes and evolves constantly.

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