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Baby Ariel's "I Heart You" Is Out!

Baby Ariel's New Song "I Heart You" and Music Video is out! Her new pop song is everything you expected and more. We love, love, love it. Check out our exclusive interview with Baby Ariel in our Nov / Dec issue. (interview below)

Tell us a little bit about your childhood.

My childhood was magical and amazing. I was so lucky to grow up surrounded by loving parents, a brother, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents. My parents made sure that I had a lot of fun and got to experience different cultures. We traveled a lot - I’ve visited different countries and most states in America. And my parents always pushed me to “dream out loud” and to pursue my dreams. So as a kid, I wanted to try everything. I was in dance, piano and singing lessons, gymnastics, soccer, and cheerleading – all at the same time!

Let us in on the process of writing your book “Dreaming Out Loud”:

Writing the book was so cool because I was able to combine a collection of my personal journals along with behind-the-scenes stories of my real life. I also took a lot of the questions that fans and supporters ask me for each section and gave my responses along with my advice on all kinds of things like dating, cyber-bullying, making friends and more! It was so much fun writing the book but also a lot of work because it meant so much to me to be able to share my thoughts and feelings on a much deeper level with my supporters.

What inspired you to write the book?

Being a teen can be really hard. There’s a lot of pressure and kids sometimes struggle with all kinds of things like school, parents, friends, bullying and self-image. And the kids in the #Babies community mean EVERYTHING to me. So I wanted to write to them - to let them know that I love them and that so many of the things that they’ve struggled with are things that I’ve also struggled with. I want them to know they’re not alone and that I’m like a sister to them. I also want them to have a community with each other no matter what they’re going through. There’s only so much I can express in social media in a tweet, YouTube video, or IG post. So by writing a book, I felt I could go much deeper into all of these things that matter to me and have those conversations with my supporters.

We love your music, how did it feel being in the studio to record your own songs?

It’s the greatest feeling in the world! I grew up playing piano and writing poetry, so I’ve always dreamt of writing songs and recording them. To be able to collaborate in the studio with other writers and some incredible producers has been a dream come true. And I’m only just getting started! The songs I’m working on now express other, deeper sides to me that I’m so excited to share!!!

When you saw your songs “Gucci On My Body” and “Perf” climbing the charts, what was your reaction? (share that day with us)

Oh my gosh!!!! Seeing the positive reactions I’ve gotten from my music is everything! The day that my first single, “Aww” was featured on the “New Music Friday” playlist on Spotify, I thought I was going to die!!!! I dropped the song at midnight going into Friday. At that point, I was just so excited to put out a song to my fans. The next morning, I dropped the video and the views just started going crazy. My parents and I were home freaking out because we never expected such an amazing reaction. Later that day, we saw that it was on Spotify and iTunes playlists and we just lost it. We were thrilled.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by love, passion and honesty. I love people who are living and speaking their truth. I think each and every person has something to give - something to offer. And so when I see people living passionately and being genuine examples of themselves, it inspires me. And love - I am a hopeless romantic and absolutely am enthralled by mushy love stories - stories where a couple have to fight for their love and sail off into the sunset following their destiny!

You are definitely a world traveler, where is your favorite place to vacation?

I am so lucky, I have been to soooooooo many amazing places. I’ve been on national tours twice and love every bit of our unbelievable country. I’ve been to England and France and completely loved the culture (they also have super cute boys!). But my favorite places to vacation have been my two ancestral homelands: Israel and Panama. Both are striking in their natural beauty and cultural history. And I love adventure and in both, you can do so many unbelievably fun things. I can’t wait to go back to them and visit new places where I’ll hopefully meet more of my supporters and fans!

Where would be your dream place to live?

Oh my gosh - I want live everywhere! Right now, I split my time between South Florida and LA and can envision doing that forever because I love both.

What has been a memorable moment in your career so far?

I’ve had a lot of amazing moments. But the ones that stick with me the most are some of my firsts. The first time I got featured on, I screamed my head off! When I released my first song, “Aww”, I was so proud and nervous but it was one of the most exciting things ever. Seeing my book in Barnes & Noble felt totally surreal. And getting to announce my movie, “Bixler High Private Eye,” with Jace was something I’ll never forget. But the best thing always is getting to meet my supporters. It’s something I absolutely love.

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