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Strong Women In The Fashion Industry

The hit YouTube series "Closet Raid" gained popularity last year when celebrity wardrobe stylist Jazmin Whitley entered the closets of our favorite YouTube starts including Alisha Marie, James Charles, Olivia Jade, the Merrell Twins and many others. With nearly 12 million views the fashion obsessed subscribers are in for a treat; today a new series arrives to the channel where we get a peek into the life of an LA based celebrity wardrobe stylist. The vlog meets reality style episodes will be up every Monday - don't miss #STYLEDBYJAZMINWHITLEY episode 1

is filled with all the fun and drama of my daily life as a stylist, follow along for a full day of pulling samples, styling a photo shoot, music video and a little suspense with some jacket drama during the Merrell Twins 4 million subscriber music video shoot!

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