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BEST & WORST of Coachella Fashion! Weekend One

Alist Nation's Fashion Editor Jazmin Whitley does a very honest fashion review of Coachella fashion weekend one.

"As I mentioned in the video this is NO hate or shade to ANYONE!! This is all about how I feel about the FASHION choices!! This is not based on anything else but outfits! I actaully LOVE all the people I talk about in this video. I review Shay Mitchell, Tana Mongeau, Alisha Marie, Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, Liza Koshy, Ashlee Simpson, Dolan twins and so many more!! I love talking about #COACHELLA #FASHION so please feel free to comment your personal opinions :) I also talk about my styling work for Vanessa Merrell and Veronica Merrell as well as the look I created for Corinna Kopf". - Jazmin Whitley

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