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A-list Nation Playlist / Meg Donnelly

A-list Nation August Playlist / Meg Donnelly

Tell us about your musical style and sound.

I would describe my sound as R&B inspired and as something that everyone can dance to. I'm currently experimenting a little so that I can develop my style. It's been an amazing experience and process so far. I love creating new songs!

Who were your musical influences growing up?

I love all kinds of music, but my major influences are Christina Aguilera, A Tribe Called Quest, Whitney Houston, and soul singers like Angie Stone and India Arie.

When did you start singing?

My parents love all kinds of music and it's a major part of their lives. So as a result, I was exposed to all genres of music as soon as I was born. My parents say I have been singing and dancing since day one.

Tell us about "With U".

"With U" was inspired by a true story, and the song is about taking the time to learn how to communicate with someone different from you. I learned how to communicate and build a relationship with someone who didn't speak English through dance and vibes, and the song explains all of that.

What was it like performing at the 2019 ARDYs?

OMG!!! Performing at the ARDY’s was one of the most memorable experiences of my life! And the fact that is was live this year made it that much more special. I grew up watching the RDMA’s and still has not

sunk in yet!!

Who would be your dream collab?

This may sound crazy but "A Tribe Called Quest" would be sick.

Do you have any upcoming projects or tour dates you can share with us?

I'm excited to share that I will be releasing a new single very soon called “Impress." It's a dance song with a message of staying true to yourself.

I also just completed three live shows with a cool band called “The New Hope Club” and that was so much fun.


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