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Allison Kimball for Alist Nation

Alist Nation Magazine Feb / March 2021

Interview Allison Kimball

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Allison Kimball! I’m a model, podcast host, and author. I love surfing, the beach, snowboarding, meditating, sailing, fishing, adventuring, and anything to do with the outdoors.

You have worked with top brands all over the world, share with us your favorite memories from one of these projects.

One of my favorite memories was one of my first big shoots I booked in New York City. I got to stay in a beautiful hotel with a room stocked with my favorite snacks. I just remember waking up early for my shoot the next day and feeling so proud of myself to have worked so hard for moments like these. I had a “Home Alone” moment in the hotel with all the food and luxury shower and watching my favorite shows all night. It was one of my favorite little adventures, and the vibes of me dancing around my hotel room are something I will never forget.

What was your favorite part of being a international model and what was the worst part of modeling?

I love getting to experience new cultures. Traveling is super important to me, so having a job that allows me to do that is very important. I love meeting new people and making new friends at all my shoots, and also getting to shoot in lots of beautiful places around the world. The worst part is fending off any bad vibes people will breed at shoots, such as being rude and/or dismissive.

How did your podcast come to be? Spiked Kombucha was born from the desire to get my inner monologue out for others to hear and benefit from. I knew I wanted a way to be able to help others, so I got the idea of a podcast! It felt right in my heart, so I worked really hard to pursue this. It wasn’t really a question at all whether or not I wanted to do it, because as soon as I set my heart on it, I knew it was a “yes”.

Tell us about “Spiked Kombucha Podcast”. I wanted a platform where I would be able to resonate with others, and more importantly, help them. This is also a way of allowing others to see who I am outside of all the photoshoots. I cover all kinds of topics to do with who I am as a person, such as modeling, the lessons I’ve learned, personal stories, and I also feature many guests that are like-minded. I feature entrepreneurs, people in the music, acting, or fashion industry, or anyone with an independent and positive mind.

As we leave behind such a hard year can you share some of the things that helped you through it. Some things that helped me include meditating, drinking lots of water, sleeping 8.5+ hours every night, eating cleaner, and taking it slow. I take self-care very seriously and I take lots of time each week to care for my body and give it what it naturally wants. Whether that be a little extra sleep, some good skincare, hair maintenance, or just doing nothing, I will allow myself to have what I want. Some of my best ideas come when I am not so structured.

What is your favorite social media app? My favorite app is “Calm”. This is the meditation app I use, and it really helps balance me throughout the day. I love this app so much, and I have been using it for years.

Where can we keep up with you on your upcoming projects? My Instagram is @allisonkimballl and my podcast, Spiked Kombucha, is available on Spotify!


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