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Anna Duboc for Teen Alist Magazine

Teen A-list Magazine July 2021


Tell us a little bit about how you got into music and what inspires you.

My mom is in the music business, so she has been a big influence on me. I have really always sung and been creative with my music.. I started in a musical theater group when I was 4 and the head of the theater kept making me the lead in everything. I got to sing with Andre Bocelli at 8 and Katy Perry the next year as a part of the theater group. I have always been doing music. I wrote my first song at 8 and just kept going from there.

Tell us about your upcoming singles, “Flowers & Graves” and “Promises From Hell.”

'Flowers and Graves' was at first written as a poem taken from a literal image in my head. Through the song, I expressed how I want to get out of this dark place I was in. I turned something painful into something beautiful. "Promises from Hell" is about trying to cut off someone toxic in your life, even though it is hard, but everything they have said about you is rumors and lies. In this case, it was a romantic interest. The recording and producing process was fun for both songs. Flowers and Graves video we had two different days of shooting with two different looks. We ended up going with the first one which is a more ethereal afterlife kind of vibe. It was great working with the director who directed Billie Eilish's first video, 'Ocean Eyes.' She was a blast. "Promises from Hell' video has a secret guest star playing the part of the toxic person. I got to work with director Ray Dillman again and the concept he came up with was cool. I am looking forward to everyone's reaction when it comes out.

Who influenced you and why did you choose to make music?

I have been influenced by many artists ranging from oldies like Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra to more current artists like Finneas, 21 pilots, and Olivia Rodrigo who express their emotions beautifully through lyrics and melodies. It wasn't really that I chose to make music it is more that music chose me. It's in my blood and I always have a song playing in my head.

What is fun and rewarding about what you do? And what’s not?

I love writing my songs and finding things that inspire me like other artists, poems, or things I see just driving down the street. I'd say keeping up with social media is not the most rewarding part of what I do because sometimes it feels like it takes time away from my writing.

What's next for Anna Duboc in 2021?

After the release of the videos, my EP is coming in August and I am becoming more active on TikTok as a way to show my process


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