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Brooklynne Webb for Teen Alist

Teen Alist Magazine July 2022

Cover Story Brooklynne Webb

Creative Director Susie Q

Fashion Editor Jazmin Whitley


Sunglasses Top& Pant set Rebel Dolls, Shoes Naked Wolf, Jewelry

Tell us a little about yourself and your childhood.

Hi! I’m Brooklynne Webb and I am an 18 year-old content creator from Canada. Growing up, I was raised by a single mom and my grandma but I have always been extremely independent. I have always had a huge passion for anything creative and expressive from a very young age. It is truly what drives me to this day!

How did you start your social media career?

I originally started by creating random videos with my friends in school as a joke, but the more I started using TikTok, the more I developed a passion for it. I started using every spare minute I had to create content, and after about two years my following really started to take off!

What has been your most memorable moment so far?

My most memorable moment was the release party for my song My Crown! I had almost all of my close friends who have become family there and it was amazing to get to celebrate a yearlong project!

Who would you love to collaborate with?

I’d love to collaborate with Lizzo! Everything she does is absolutely incredible and I’d be so excited to just have a conversation with her.

Hat by Billy Bones Club, Necklace by Pretty Connected , Top by Tory Bruch, Jeans by Lee

Tell us about your music.

“My Crown” is a performance art piece which was created from the perspective of how people expect me to act. It’s a super fun and cheesy bubblegum pop song that’s not meant to be taken too seriously!

Who inspires you in music?

I wanted to take a lot of inspiration for “My Crown” project from artists like Rebecca Black, Ava Max, and Taylor Swift.

Who is on your summer playlist?

Definitely Lizzo and Taylor Swift! Anything that has a fun pop vibe for the summer will be on my playlists for months.

Do you have any special plans for this summer?

This summer I am going on the trip of a lifetime to Europe! I am so excited to explore so many different countries, and it truly wouldn’t be possible without everyone who has supported me! So, thank you so much to anyone reading this for making this adventure possible.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

I am always creating and posting new content, but I am also really working on breaking into the modeling industry. I plan on diving straight in this year, so keep an eye out!

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