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Foods Rich in Zinc and Vitamin C

If you are looking to fill your plate with foods that can help keep you healthy, we have a list of foods that are flowing with vitamins and minerals. We all want to boost our immune system and eating healthy meals is the best place to start.

Did you know that our bodies do not store Zinc? So, it's very important to get your daily requirements otherwise you can become deficient.

Cashews are packed with Zinc, one serving (28 grams) contains 15% of your daily requirement. These are a great snack. Pine nuts also have a good amount of Zinc.

Pumpkin seeds are also a perfect snack filled with Zinc.

Dairy products have a good amount of Zinc and they have something else that makes them special the zinc that is in dairy products is bio-available. meaning that the zinc is absorbable by the human body. In 100 grams of cheddar cheese there is 28% of your daily in take


One egg has about 5% of your daily requirements and is high in protein.

You high the jackpot with Oysters only six of them contain about 290% of your Daily Value. Alaskan Crab has a good amount as well, a serving of about 100 grams has 67% of the daily requirements .

Lamb, Beef, and Pork are also winners with a good amount of zinc. 100 Grams of beef has some where around 40% of your daily needs. Filled with protein it is an excellent source of Zinc. Pork Chops

have about 3 mg of zinc for a 4 ounce serving.

Greek yogurt, Kefir, and milk are all amazing ways to get your zinc. One cup has 22% DV

Tofu 36% per cup or 4 grams of your daily value. With so many way to enjoy tofu it's easy to get healthy. It just takes a good meal plan and we have one ready for you.

Now let's move on to Vitamin C

Papaya this incredible fruit, in only one cup you get 87mg of vitamin C 97% Daily Value

One whole lemon 83mg of Vitamin C 92% DV

Kiwi one Med Kiwi provides 71mg of C 79% DV

Guava is a superfood and it give you 126mg of Vitamin C 140% DV in a single fruit.

One green chili pepper has 109 mg of vitamin C 121% DV

Sweet Yellow Peppers one cup gives you around 263 mg 300% DV

Mustard Spinach one cup has 195mg 217% of your DV

Broccoli one cup cooked 100mg 114% DV

A diet packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc is a great step toward a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. What we eat can help us stay healthy. Start by adding some healthy foods at each meal. Always consult with your doctor on any changes you make in your diet and lifestyle and be extra careful if you are diabetic or taking any medications.


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