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Hit YouTube Series / Prom Knight

The Merrell Twins have done it again! With their hit series "Prom Knight"

Each of the 4 episodes of "Prom Knight" have been on trending. With millions of views per episode. Prom Knight has such a great story line and the cinematography was mind-blowing. The series is a treat for the whole family. We defiantly have it on our recommended list. The series is about two sisters Natalie and Riley they have completely different high school experiences. As prom approaches Riley can't wait she's been waiting for this night her whole life. Natalie who wasn't looking forward to prom enters to win a date with her favorite YouTuber. Does she win the perfect prom date? Find out.

Natalie - Vanessa Merrell Riley - Veronica Merrell Chris Knight - Christian Seavey

Directed & Edited by: Paul Merrell

Written by: Dustyn Lotz

Produced by: Oz Ozmen

Director of Photography

Trevor Roach Production Designer - Jay Dizon

Production Designer (YouTube Space) - Dylan Hutchins

Costume Designer - Jazmin Whitley

Hair and Makeup - Jenna Garagiola

Natalie - Vanessa Merrell

Chris Knight - Christian Seavey

Riley - Veronica Merrell

Asher - Aaron Burriss


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