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Keana Marie for A-list Nation

Alist Nation Magazine December 2020

Interview with Keana Marie

Shot by Natasha R Austrich

Tell us a little about yourself. Hi! I’m Keana, I would say I’m a renaissance woman. A filmmaker, actor, writer, dancer, and submerge myself in the world of music as well. I am French-Brazilian and moved to Miami from France at the age of 8. I am 25 now and I’ve been living in Los Angeles following my craft and pursuing my calling.

Tell us about the day you found out you got the role as Sofia. The day I found out I got the role for Sofia I was in Shreveport, Louisiana shooting my first lead in a feature “Root Letter.” I was ecstatic to go from one project to the next. I flew from Louisiana to New York and started shooting “Dash & Lily.” I was stoked.

Are you and Sofia similar in any way? Oh definitely. Sofia is an extension of myself, just with more travels and languages under her belt.

Do you have a favorite episode? Well there is an episode called “Sofia and Edgar” so I’m going to have to say, that one!

Moving to Los Angeles from Miami is a big change, what has been the hardest part? Oof. The ups and downs are a constant in this industry. Rejection needs to become your biggest fuel. That being said, the hardest part has been the uphill battle that is making it in this town.

What's your favorite food?

I am a food enthusiast so this is difficult. I’m going to have to say rice, because it is universal. Every culture has at least one popular rice dish, the options and creativity is limitless!

What are your must haves in your bag? My only must have make-up item is mascara, hand sanitizer (stay safe guys), a mask (duh, please), aromatherapy, and that might be it.

Which social media app is your favorite? Hmmm…. during quarantine I found this music app called “Radiooooo” that takes you through a cultural era time machine. You choose the country and decade and your ears get to enjoy the rest. It’s great.

Where is the best place for our readers to keep up with you? Instagram is most likely the best, my handle is @keanamarie_



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