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Lexi Jayde for Teen A-list Dec 2020

TEEN A-LIST December 2020 Issue Shot by Susie Q , Styled by Jazmin Whitley

Shot by @photosbyJJS Styled by Jazmin Whitley Top Charles and Ron Pants Marciano

Boots Dr Martin

Tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up. Well surprisingly I’m actually born and raised in LA! I was born in Hollywood then moved to the valley, and have been there ever since. I’ve always had a huge passion for music! I grew up writing my own songs and started musical theater at a young age. That lead into my love for both acting and singing! I’ve gone to public school my whole life, so I’m lucky to have not only my industry friends, but my girls who have been there for me since the beginning! It’s been cool growing up in la! As much as it’s crazy sometimes, It’s given me amazing opportunities to follow my dreams.

Tell us about "The Oldest Teenager“ Oldest teenager is a song that comes straight from my me and my life. I wrote it about just being a teenager and all the ups and down we go through. I think what’s so special about this song is that so many people can relate to it! It’s crazy seeing the age range of people who love the song. When the song was written i was in a place of just feeling like I had been through it all. I felt so old yet, i was only 17. I think we’ve all been in that little hole before, and I wanted to express exactly how I was feeling in the song!

Tell us about your writing process.

My writing process always changes but usually it’s consists of having an instrument and my notes. I always end up taking for hours before hand, with whoever is in the room with me! After the talking, someone picks up and instrument and we just sing! We start with random melodies and usually if we don’t have a concept before hand, it just comes out during the freestyle of finding the right melodies! It’s such a fun process and hard to explain, but it’s always a great experience writing.

What's your favorite social media app? Oo this is hard. I would have to say either snapchat or tik tok lol. I hate tik tok so much because I’m sadly addicted to it!! I do love Instagram but i love Snapchat more because I get to create memories and that’s how I communicate with all my friends!

When did you begin writing music?

I started writing when I was 7 and had little notebooks of songs! I would say though, I started getting serious when I was 13/14 when I went through a guy experience that led me to write a song. Ever since I’ve been writing all the time! I always voice memo stuff and keep things in my notes. My life experiences and watching people around me and their experiences definitely help inspire men.

You are defiantly a triple threat which is your favorite? Ahh that’s so sweet of you! I don’t know about triple lol, but I would say I can’t choose. My love for both acting and singing are so different but so big! I can’t imagine not doing one of the two. I don’t think I have a favorite because of that! It’s two totally different feelings.

What inspires you? I think what inspires me the most is the people around me! My best friends and my family are the ones who keep me going everyday. Life is better with them in it, and I look up to each and every one of them.

Growing up who were your favorite music artists? Growing up my parents always played music around the house! It was always Billy Joel, Nirvana, Neil diamond, Elton John...etc. When I was younger though I listened to like Miley Cyrus, Adele, Justin Bieber, but obviously my music taste has changed so much!

What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far? So far, I think the most exciting thing has been hitting over a million streams on my only 2 songs on Spotify! That was a huge stepping stone for me and it’s only the beginning!

Tell us some of your must have's : Favorite food, favorite snack, favorite place to shop.

I’m a huge fruit girl! I love all fruits and smoothies and acai! I think my go to breakfast always is definitely avocado toast with eggs and bacon. I could have that meal all day any day! Also, there’s not a day that I can go without Ice coffee! Regarding clothes, i love anything vintage. Obsessed with going to flea markets, thrift stores, shopping on little insta shops and depop are my favorite!

This year has been crazy, what have you learned about yourself during 2020?

I think the thing I’ve learned the most is to not take the little things for granted. We have all been through so much this year, and I’ve learned to just enjoy the little things and appreciate life!

Let us in on any new projects you have coming up and all your social media handles. I have tons of new stuff coming up in 2021 and I’m so excited!! I would say just stay tuned;) all my socials are @lexijayde


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