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Faouzia for Alist Nation

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Faouzia, is a Canadian-Moroccan singer-songwriter and musician. This 19 year old powerhouse will leave you in awe. The minute you hear Faouzia open her month and hit that first note you know that you are hearing one of the most powerful voices of this generation. Faouzia is not only amazingly talented but she is also humble, kind and full of life. While on set for her cover shoot we could feel the creative energy just pouring out of her. We are all in for a wonderful ride watching this legend grow into her musical stance.  Her voice will move you to tears and make you want to jump up and dance all at the same time. She is featured in the song “Battle” on David Guetta's studio album "7", that dropped August 2018. In a French language interview with Le Matin, Guetta noted Faouzia's great voice, powerful vibrato, and unique style for why he choose her for his album.  She began writing her own songs at the age of five and singing with her sister and this sole artist is moving toward the Grammy’s at warp speed. We are sure she will soon be included with the greats Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey,  and Adele.

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A-list Nation Magazine September  2019 Cover Story
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