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Using Made in America Products Everyday!

When you think of products you use everyday one of the first to come to mind is soap. I am very picking when it comes to the things I put in my body as well as on my body. So when selecting soaps I always look for pure and natural choices. I also look for products that are Made in America. I would love to share with our readers an amazing small company that is in Utah.

Once you try these soaps you won't want any other.

Beehive Soap and Body Care

Our wholesome skincare line helps "self-care" loving customers who want to indulge in daily pampering by using beautiful, handcrafted products... including "soap so nice you'll want to lather up twice!"

We specialize in handcrafted cold process soaps in a beautiful array of fragrances for men and women of all ages. All our soaps are made in small batches with carefully chosen ingredients and then cured for four or more weeks.

We have expanded our product line to include Men's Shaving Cream Soap, Solid Lotion Bar, Whipped Body Butter, Body Cream, Bath Salts, Bath Fizzies, Lip Balm, Satin Smooth Sugar Scrub, All-Natural Deodorant and lovely gift sets.

Handcrafted soap retains the natural glycerin from the saponification process and thus feels wonderful on your skin! An amazing array of fragrance options are available, turning your daily bathing time into a pampering experience.

Handcrafted Beehive Soap is an affordable indulgence for yourself, and it makes a great gift for friends, family, and teachers. Realtors and business owners of all types can send Beehive Soap to show appreciation for their clients. Beehive Soap makes a unique and thoughtful wedding favor.

Return regularly as new fragrances will be added to our main lines and special holiday-scented soaps will be available while supplies last! NOTE: Handcrafted soap will last longer if stored on a soap dish that allows for drainage and that is away from shower spray when not in use.

Beehive Collection - Utah is the Beehive State! This collection of soaps is inspired by all things great in Utah! Utah is a great place to live and raise a family. Utah has a rich heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Spa Collection – A collection of soaps that are year round favorites offering a fragrant and luxurious bathing experience.

Milk Collection– A collection of soaps that are made with goats milk, yogurt, coconut milk or other type of milk.

All Natural Collection - A collection of soaps that are fragranced with essential oils.

Nearly Natural Collection–A collection of soaps that are fragranced with skin-safe fragrance oils.

Full article in JULY ISSUE

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