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Summer Sweets

Cranberry Sweets & More

Bandon is Oregon's cranberry capital, and for years these beautiful red berries were harvested from the bogs only to find relative obscurity. Some were crushed and filtered into fruit drinks. Others were bagged, frozen and enjoyed maybe a few times a year. There had to be a kinder fate; a way to enjoy their tangy taste year-round.

Finally, in 1962, Dorothy Johnson, a Bandon resident, invented a way to capture the cranberry's unique tang in a candy that leaves our competitors baffled and our tasteful customers coming back for more. My father, Clifford Shaw, purchased the recipe in 1974. Cranberry Sweets & More ® was born.

In the decades since, we've developed literally hundreds of unique fruit candies and chocolates, relying on time-honored recipes and traditional candy making methods. More recently, we added a small in-factory bakery to increase our cookie selections and, in 2015, given the growing popularity of our caramels and caramel corn, we officially became a popcorn factory as well. All our products are still made by hand, in small batches, using only the finest natural ingredients. We feel very honored to still manufacture our own products and to continue to provide employment opportunities for those who live on Oregon's South Coast.

Pates de Fruits

These candies are the 5 ingredient wonders that made us famous. Made simply with fruit (or wine or beer), cane sugar, fruit pectin, tartaric acid (from grapes) and a shot of plain old fashioned corn syrup, each deceptively simple batch actually takes weeks from start to finish due to our secret reduction process which intensifies the flavor and firms the texture. All are cut and lovingly sugared by hand.

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