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Great Places To Go In Seattle

I'm very excited to share my trip and experiences with you in Seattle. I was very excited and couldn't wait to try all the destinations people recommended. I'm always curious if these places are as great as they say.

Well, I'm about to tell you my experience and take it for what it's worth. I'm a huge Pinterest buff so naturally I turned to that to get some great spots to try. I also had some people in my wonderful blog group suggest some as well. I'm always so curious to find out from the stuff I read and pictures I see if it's really like that. Here are my non edited photos from my phone and real experiences.

Starting with the Market Place, first of all this picture doesn't do this steep hill justice. I would definitely suggest wearing comfortable shoes.

Anyway, I was so excited to see this view and couldn't get there soon enough. I suggest using the light rail. You can pay $6.50 to get an all day round trip pass.

Here you can find flowers, jewelry, typical tourist type of trinkets. Yeah, wasn't really impressed with the little trinkets in the shops but I was impressed with all the gorgeous flowers they sold. Wouldn't mind someone bringing me some.

As I walked through I walked outside and saw a great view! I would definitely recommend checking it out before the sun sets! Another place I would recommend going is Old Stove. This place is a brewery and I'd have to say was my favorite place in Seattle! The food was amazing and the view and atmosphere you just can't go wrong! It does it get a little busy around 5:00 so go before or plan to have a little wait but you should definitely put this on your list if you like a good brewery. If not the food is worth trying! I got a flight and tried a bit of everything and I would recommend the warm nuts and olives to snack on before your meal.

I'd also recommend the flatbread and pretzel bites! Yummy yum yum yum!

Of course you have to check out the fish stands they have, and a trip wouldn't be complete without some fish being thrown around! If you hear closely they say my name (Nikki).

If you get to the stand and nothing is happening just hang around. Once they have a big enough crowd they will give a little show.

Ok this next place was probably my best find at the Market. First I highly recommend buying some delicious apples from Sosio's. The Opal apple is delicious! My kids were so excited to get some tasty apples all the way from Washington. You can also bring them on the plane in your carry on and they will pack them in a box if you prefer.

They will also give you some samples of the apples to see what you'd like to buy! I tasted the yellow apple which is the Opal and I was sold!

Just a couple stands down there is a jam & jelly stand; this is a must buy!! They let me sample almost everything and they were all so delicious but I just couldn't pass up this gem! The taste was so unique and everyone that tried it feel in love! Tequila Caramel, yep it is so amazing!

This is perfect to add to apple pie ala mode or great to dip fruits in. Perfect if you are hosting a little get together. This will definitely be a conversation starter and crown favorite.

My next place would have to be Beecher's Handmade Cheese. According to the sign and other posts they are supposed to be famous for there mac and cheese. I figured that there was no way I was going to like it being a self proclaimed cheese snob.

I'd have to say they lived up to their reputation! It was really good and probably the best Mac and cheese that I've ever eaten. You can watch them making the cheese also. Definitely recommend stopping here for a small Mac and cheese. Is very creamy and has a bit of a spice but nothing too hot. Absolute perfection!

If you have heard of the gum wall I'd suggest checking it out. It's kind of gross but worth the look. Is also more like gum alley than a wall. It's a little tricky to find but I managed from my phone.

I decided it was time for some fish and chips so I asked some locals. They suggested going to Athena's. I though a Greek place was odd but they told me it was just name. Ok then let's check it out.

I'd have to say the only good thing about my meal was the view. My fries were old and tasted awful and the fish did not live up to the hype. This is one restaurant I would suggest avoiding and saving your money. What a bummer! I was excited to have some great fish and chips. I guess they all can't be great.

Ok my last suggestions would be to get of at the SODO light rail station. This is not the same area as Pike Place Market but I really loved it. I decided to venture off a bit and I was glad I did.

As I was walking west from the station I saw some food trucks. Who doesn't love food trucks! Apparently they were also stopped in from of the Starbucks head quarters. Double whammy!! I decided on the most amazing cheesy grits from where you at Matt. These are a must try!!

After I indulged on these tasty grits I went into Starbucks Reserve. What a great place! The atmosphere was amazing and you could watch the bakers making the pastries. I was so glad I stopped!

I'd say this was a very successful trip! The people are amazing and so friendly! I would definitely go back. Good luck on your adventure in Seattle!

Written By: Nikki Aguinaga

Hello my name is Nikki and I am the creator of Life's Style. It is a Life Style blog specializing in Travel, Fashion, Home Design and a smidge more.

For many years my career has been as an Architectural Interior & Exterior Designer, I have been told I have a knack for fashion, which is also a great way for me to be creative, and who doesn’t love to travel. Come on I think that’s on everyone’s profile page….”Love to Travel!” I’m usually planning some kind of adventure or finding ways to be creative. It’s taken me several years to get to this place but every step has been worth it. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I love creating them!

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