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Worrying: Self induced agonizing

We are never certain about what the future will bring us. Our mind becomes occupied by worrying until the future unfolds. Left in a situation we cannot control or are unable to take action upon, we resort to worrying about the possible outcome ahead. Uncertainty is not easy to embrace. In fact, sometimes we envy other people who can be so go with the flow and care free. But worrying only makes us more anxious and miserable. Worrying doesn’t just have a simple off switch for some of us. Being overly concerned about a problem or situation isn’t going to make it go away or suddenly reveal the answer. We are overcome by a fear of impending doom. Suddenly we feel ultra-sensitive. All this based on “what might happen”. For some, worrying can become completely irrational.

Chronic worrying is not good for our health. The nervous system starts to release the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone can raise blood sugar levels and triglycerides. Heart beat can race, a person can become dizzy, headaches and fatigue set in, you become irritable, the body starts to ache, sweating can start, and you are just filled with nervous energy. The immune system eventually becomes suppressed, digestive disorders can occur, and heart attacks can even happen.

Come to terms with the worrying in your life. Learn that worrying doesn’t change the outcome. You can’t worry to make the magic answer appear. Easier said that done because when you are not in control of the outcome, one can feel terrible waiting and wondering. Keeping busy and building patience are also useful tools. Talking it out helps. Sometimes having someone talk you off the ledge and being a voice of reason can help.

One thing we can try to not worry about is our health. Take the important measures to be active and to eat right and then you won’t have to worry about surgeries, doctor visits, and possible diagnoses. We can only control what we can control, and the rest we don’t need to worry about and just let the scene unfold as it will. The outcome will come when it comes, but in the meantime, release positive endorphins from exercise, and take care of what business you can…. and that’s your body.

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