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Alist Nation Ultimate Gift Guide 2021

The Year Long Gift Guide That Keeps On Giving

A gift guide you get to use all year long. The perfect guide for the holidays as well as every occasion during the year. Amazing products from around the world with a highlight on American made products. . It is made to be a year long guide that you can use for whenever you need to buy something for yourself or a gift for someone else. The items on the list have been tested by someone on our staff and then selected based on these criteria : They must be of the best quality, the company must have excellent customer service. We personally inspect, use, and review the items. November is our most popular issues and that’s because people wait all year for this list. It’s perfect for every holiday, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, and so much more. We have worked so hard to bring you the best of the best! Let us know what you think of our selections and if you think we missed something that should have been included. We love your feedback.


For those on your list that are into health and fitness hear are some amazing gifts!

FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles


Dual Chamber Water Bottles are vacuum insulated, stainless steel, reusable water bottles with a snack compartment. Our patented design was crafted by a competitive athlete who wanted a more efficient way to keep water and snacks handy for long hours of practice, "A snack water bottle!"

FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottles keep your drinks ice cold or hot for hours while also securing your favorite treats so you're never hangry. Whether you are on the top of a mountain or just walking the dog, FLPSDE's reusable, stainless steel water bottles with snack storage do more so you can do more!

Beer Jerky Tasting Ammo Can Gift Basket

The gift set for those who want the ideal craft beer-infused jerky to pair with their favorite brew. We are a Veteran-owned small business offering quirky products that include: Beef Jerky Flowers, Bacon Roses, Manly Gift Boxes, Meathearts™, and Meat Cards™ All of our products are made in the good ole U. S. of A.

Allez Salves Everything - REPAIR with Chaparral - Arnica - Aloe - Radish Root

Non-greasy hand salve, for everyday use

A little goes a long way - just a dab can help recondition hands, soften calluses, and moisturize dry elbows and knuckles Infused with Chaparral, a naturally-derived desert plant known for its skin healing and antiseptic properties, to help repair dry and cracked hands Aloe & Arnica help calm and repair tired and bruised hands Radish Root helps with minor inflammation Designed by climbers to absorb into skin before or after climbs without the greasy residue

Mobility Wall Smooth Roller


The goal of foam rolling is to reduce pain & soreness, help with muscle recovery, and prevent injury. Foam rolling is a great solution for athletes and non-athletes who want to:

  • Soothe muscle pain & tension

  • Prevent muscles from being tight and speed recovery before & after workouts

  • Improve flexibility, range of motion & overall mobility

All The Amazing benefits of a traditional foam roller and much more.

Faster & more effective pain relief for your whole body.

Patent-pending design quickly mounts onto standard door frames and makes it easy to adjust to any height. The dual-locking mechanism of the rollers increases stability, allowing users to safely massage their bodies with confidence.



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