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Börni for A-list Nation

Alist Nation Magazine December 2020

Interview with Börni

Photography by Jasmin Sidler

Tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up.

I found my passion for music at just three years old, when I began singing and playing the violin, soon also turning to the piano and guitar. Throughout my adolescence, I sang in gospel choirs, wrote and performed my own songs in my first garage band and quickly learned how to perform and entertain an audience. All these experiences led me to believe I could do this as a career. When I was older I was discovered on a show called Music Star and that led to a record deal and a couple of albums with Sony Music. This was definitely a pivotal experience in my life. It was also my first trip to NYC. That laid the foundation for my love and aspirations to be in the American and world music scene. Working very passionately and with persistence, I met likeminded people on my journey and we created so much great music while flying back and forth between both countries. I realized that although I still embraced the American lifestyle and culture, I was growing into my own identity as a fresh, young, uniquely cool artist while still maintaining my roots in my home country of Switzerland. The new single Kamakaze represents all of this and I am so excited for people to hear it.

Tell us about “Kamakaze,”

This is a song about giving it your everything. Going hard. If you have decided to do something, might as well do it to the full. Kamakaze is about letting go of fear and free falling, not to death like the original meaning, but to a better life, and sometimes that takes risks. This is the story of my life. Going hard for the vision I have for myself, and wanting the people around me to see their dreams come true also. It also means getting rid of unwanted distractions and maintaining focus, since having a dream isn’t enough. There’s a lot of work and drive and determination between the dream and the realization of the dream. Kamakaze is about pushing forward and leaving nothing on the table. This doesn’t just go for me as an individual artist but my whole team. Synematik the producer of Kamakaze is the hardest working person and he just delivers every single time with the dopest production! Christopher Swift, the rapper, is so incredibly talented as a rapper and as a songwriter. They didn’t wake up like this! They had a goal and went all in. Now we can release an amazing project. I hope this all inspires people to do the same with their passion.

How did you or what helped you get to a place where you were able to let go of fears to live your life to the fullest?

Honestly, it is my faith in God who keeps me calm throughout crazy times like we’re experiencing right now. If I wouldn’t believe that he who loves me and there for keeps me safe has the situation under control then I wouldn’t be so relaxed at this point. 2020 for most of us is probably one of the toughest years for so many reasons. Things are challenging right now for so many people, and we will have to keep a good attitude and high spirits to get through this. I truly believe there is a bright light for all of us if we persevere and get through this. I see the opportunity to inspire people with my music and a message in my songs to dream big, set high goals, be persistent and enjoy the journey no matter what the circumstances are they can reach new heights.

What inspires you? Well...musically, all the big voices, musicians and producers on the pop horizon. And in life....people with ambition, business owners, creative people and last but not least God.

Growing up who were your favorite music artists? Spice Girls, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston but also classical components since I was singing in the Zürich Opera House.

What has been the most exciting moment of your career so far? Being on stage in the Zürich Opera House every week, I was discovered by the leaders and recommended when the management of Celine Dion was looking for 6 children to sing with her. I was honored and super nervous back then. Singing in a stadium with an icon like Celine taught me that there are no limits to what you can achieve in life if you have a great talent and something to say. It also taught me how beautiful it is that so many people would come to hear someone’s music and that everyone shared this wonderful moment together. So that was the course-setting highlight in my life. When Sean Kingston joined me as a feature on one of my tracks, I was really excited as well or when I signed my first major label deal. Overall there are so many great memories so far and we’ve just started!

Tell us some of your must have's : Favorite food, favorite snack, favorite place to shop.

Ok I’m addicted to CrossRoads, the second hand store! People throw away treasures and I love to piece the weirdest items to together. And then, I do love a good American Burger! No one can do it like the US!

Let us in on any new projects you have coming up and all your social media handles. Well, I can say I am soooo ready to release my new music with fun, cool visuals, starting with Kamakaze. And if the people like New Heights & Kamakaze, they will definitely vibe with the upcoming singles as they all are amazing productions by dope producers such as Synematik and the Page Brothers. For the most up to date info, people can follow me on IG, FB or Tik Tok, and on their favorite streaming services to see what’s coming! Thank you all in advance for the love and support!

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