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Cheers To 2021, Best

We are all happy to say goodbye to 2020 and welcome the new year with a toast.

Here are our picks on the best drinks for your midnight celebration even if it's just you.

Laughing Glass Cocktails

Lime Margarita and Cosmo are both made with a super premium blanco tequila, all natural fruit flavors, and are sweetened with only a hint of organic agave nectar. Nothing artificial is added! Gluten free, non GMO and paleo friendly, and hands down, the best tasting ready to pour cocktails on the market! The Brand new tequila Cosmo compliments the holidays - great cocktails are almost as important as great food! Laughing Glass is available at over 1000 grocery accounts in CA and NV including Whole Foods, Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs.

Strong floral aromas highlight our unique tequila, but the smooth finish evens out the complex bouquet. The light, fresh agave characteristics have a clean palate, resulting in a flavor profile that is perfectly balanced and stunningly delicious.

Ready-to serve margaritas with a proprietary blend of super premium tequila from Mexico – making these the margaritas for the serious tequila lover. We took the bold complexities of our beautiful tequila and seamlessly integrated delicate citrus notes for the Original and bold pomegranate and orange for our new Pomegranate cocktail. We add the subtle sweetness of organic agave nectar to create the perfect combination, and a zing of effervescence to make those flavors pop with bubbly freshness.


Chase Vodka

is the only English vodka to be made entirely from estate grown potatoes. They harvest, mash, ferment and distill the potatoes to make a pure vodka. Chase Vodka is distilled three times using a small copper batch pot over 70 feet tall, making it the tallest rectification column in Europe. Produced on the Herefordshire family farm, this super-premium vodka is made entirely on one estate, making it an exquisite vodka with pro venance. Chase serves as the base for many classic and contemporary cocktails


Very intense picota cherry red colour. Intense, complex aroma, rich in smoky and spicy notes on a background of ripe red fruit. With a balanced tannin structure, in the mouth it feels dense and fleshy, with an extraordinarily long finish including fine toasty notes.

Broken Shed Vodka

Broken Shed Vodka is handcrafted in Wanaka, New Zealand from all natural and renewable resources. Using the purest of waters, sourced from New Zealand’s most precious reservoirs and combined with natural protein whey distilled three times, this vodka is ideal for today’s discerning consumer.

Broken Shed Vodka, is the award-winning Vodka from New Zealand. It sustainably uses pristine natural resources to produce a superior vodka with only 2 ingredients, whey distillate and our special blend of mineral and spring waters. Nothing else goes in the bottle. No additives, no glutens, no GMOs, no added sugars.


Clean Vodka with award winning taste and sensual mouthfeel that showcases the natural resources of New Zealand.

Nose: An initial pure hit of a dominant vanilla aroma, which dissipates into a subtle blend of citrus and freshly cut southern grass notes

Mouthfeel: A medium to light viscous sensation that coats the palate, but melts away seamlessly, leaving a smooth yet subtle lingering on the side of the tongue

Palate: Butterscotch vanilla notes foremost flavors, which dissolve into a peppery & bittersweet yet smooth taste on the back of the tongue

Finish: Smooth, with a touch of warmth, leaving a delightfully pleasant yet concise lingering of flavor on the palate



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