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Conor Husting for A-list Nation

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A fresh new face in the entertainment industry, Conor Husting has quickly positioned himself as a one-to-watch. He can be seen starring in Netflix’s live-action comedy “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia” with executive producer Mario Lopez. The series follows the life of a 15 year old engineer and rocket scientist (Paulina Chavez) who has to move across the country to live with her uncle after getting the chance to work at NASA. Conor shines as Tad, a pure-hearted kid who sees the glass half full.

Tell us about the day you found out you would be Tad on “The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia”

I got a call from my manager a couple of hours after the chemistry read and he told me that I had been casted. I was with my whole family and my mom was freaking out. It was a great moment. I’ll never forget it.

Working with Mario Lopez must be so amazing, can you share with us how that experience has been.

Mario Lopez is the best. He's compassionate, gracious, and so much fun to work with. He makes the cast feel comfortable and welcome in a world we're not entirely familiar with.

Which episode is your favorite so far?

Every episode was so much fun to work on, but if I had to choose a personal favorite, it would be episode four, just because of the way Tad was presented in some new light.

Are you and Tad alike in any ways?

Tad is a particular side of me for sure. When I get excited, there's little difference between us; however, Tad is for the most part, consistently optimistic, whereas I can be quite cynical.

You have worked with Netflix on two projects, tell us about the audition process.

The audition process is very stressful, so finding ways to overcome that stress and being as natural as possible is very important.

What has been the hardest part about being in lockdown for you?

I'm a very social person. I play music with a couple of friends and not being able to jam with them has been frustrating.

Have you learned anything about yourself from being on lockdown?

I've learned how important my friends are to me.

Which are your favorite social media apps.

I'm not a big social media person. For the most part, I only use Instagram.

Where's the best place for our readers to keep up with you? If you would like to keep up with me, Instagram is the place to do it. @conorhusting.


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