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Nick Bencivengo for Alist Nation

Alist Nation Magazine November 2021


Tell us a little about yourself.

Nick: Hi! I’m Nick Bencivengo. I grew up as a professional dancer/actor & recently got into singing. I’ve been featured on Kidz Bop, Netflix, Nickelodeon, national commercials for Dicks Sporting goods, Best Buy & so much more:) I also recently got into social media & grew over 5 million followers in the past 2 years. I was born in Hamilton, NJ, but my moms & I made a move across country to pursue my career further.

Tell us about your YouTube channel

Nick: On my youtube channel you would find a combination of fun, entertaining, suspenseful content as well as dance content, since that’s what I love to do. My girlfriend (Symonne Harrison) & I love to collaborate on a lot of videos together. You will find my friends in a bunch of my videos as well. I hope i’m able to inspire kids & teens across the world with my social media outlets.

How did the two of you meet?

Nick: Symonne and I followed each other a few years ago on social media & became friends! From there we filmed a few YouTube videos here & there and become close in early 2021. Once we got closer, we immediately began liking each other & started falling in love! We quickly found out that we loved spending time together, so i asked her out in May! It’s actually featured in a YouTube video on Symonnes channel “Telling my crush I like him to see how he reacts”. I asked her to be my girlfriend on a lookout point above Los Angeles, it was a really special beautiful moment. I’m happiest With You Symonne!

How did you come up for the idea of the song “with you"?

Nick & Symonne: #Snicks first original song was SO MUCH FUN to create! We started our singing journey by obviously training a bunch, multiple times a week for months. Then it was time to actually write the song. It wasn’t too hard for us because we knew we wanted the song to be all about our relationship. we started by listing all of our fun memories & core moments in our relationship. Then, we put them together throughout the song & fit each memory/note in like a puzzle. We created “With You” to be a fun, relatable song that people can smile & jam out to! #Snick loves to blast songs in the car so we hope for people to do the same with our song!

What are some of the things you admire about each other?

Nick: I admire so many things about Symonne. To start, she is super caring, not only to me, but everyone who is around her. She would do anything for anyone. I also love how fun Symonne is. We are always able to have so much fun together no matter the circumstance. She is always up for any adventure with me and we can be really spontaneous together. Finally, i love how hardworking she is. Our jobs are very hard but she is super creative and knows how to handle the demands of our business & makes everything fun and makes things work out for the best.

Do you have anything fun planned for thanksgiving?

Nick: My brother & his wife are actually having a baby during thanksgiving time. I am really excited to be a first- time Uncle!! So I plan to focus on sending love & spending time with the baby this thanksgiving (even if it’s over facetime, since my brother lives in Florida). I will also be spending the time with Symonne’s family during thanksgiving, since her family is coming into town.

Where is your favorite restaurant in LA?

Nick: I am a foodie so I’ve been to tons of restaurants in LA! My all time favorite restaurant here is Crustacean in Beverly Hills. I love the location, the ambience & the food! Make sure to get the table-side ice cream if you go:)

What type of music do you like? Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to at the moment?

Nick: My music taste is constantly changing. Right now I’m more into pop-rap songs & sometimes I'll throw on the early 2000’s playlist. My 2 favorite artists currently are lil nas x as well as Jack Harlow.

What was it like filming the music video for “with you”?

Nick & Symonne: Filming the music video was so special for both of us. We have done so many music videos for others but this was the first time that we were actually the main character. We had planned out our vision with our team and it was amazing seeing it all come together. We packed SO many things into a 12 hour shoot, yup we filmed the whole music video in 12 hours. In that time frame we went on a helicopter, went shopping on rodeo drive, drove a jeep down the Malibu coast, walked around the beach, made it rain in LA for a rain scene, & finally got the iconic scene of us looking at polaroid's from moments throughout the day! We had the best possible team & we couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Do you plan on writing more music together?

Nick & Symonne: yes, we definitely plan on making more music together. Even though we just released our first song, we both love to do it together & that’s what matters most to us. As long as we are having fun creating great songs that inspire people & make them smile, we will continue to make music:) Stay tuned for a cover coming around Christmas time & potentially another original #snick song in 2022.

Who would your dream collab be with on YouTube ?

Nick: I would love to collab with Brent Rivera soon! I have a few friends in the same content group as him but I have yet to film with them. I love his energy & think he does a great job at creating content that everyone can watch. Fun fact- Brent Rivera inspired me to start making videos!


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