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Zack Lugo for Alist Nation Magazine

Alist Nation Magazine December 2021

Cover Story Zack Lugo

Fashion Editor Jazmin Whitley

Shot by Talia Friesen

Groomer Diane Dusting

Hat by ASOS - Jacket by H&M - Pants by ASOS - Shoes by Freelance Paris

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well my name is Zack Lugo, I’m 20 years old and was raised in a small town in Southern Idaho. I’m a momma’s boy. I am also a dancer, skateboarder, entrepreneur and content creator. I am most well known for having 9M+ followers on TikTok and for sometimes dancing with my little cousin Trey Makai. I recently started a clothing line called Runawaykid as well.

You have been so busy lately what is a typical day like for you?

Well I start my day by getting showered and fitted for the day. Then I check my to do list with my team and go with the flow of everyday. Each day is different as some days I have photoshoots, or auditions and others I just have content to film including brand deals or my content that makes me happy. I try to interact with my fans every day as well.

Suit by Charles & Ron - Turtle Neck By Charles & Ron - Shoes by ASOS

Moving from a small town to Los Angeles must have been a huge change, what was one of the things you did Not like about LA when you got here, that you know love?

I really don’t think there was anything I hated about LA ever.

I have always liked that there is more to do and I am always busy. I am surrounded by people doing what I do and pushing me to do better.

Tell us about when you and Emma meet.

We met at a friends house on November 12 of last year and ever since that night we have been together. It was one of those things where we just clicked instantly.

Suit by ASOS - Dress Shirt ASOS - Shoes by ASOS

Where are your favorite places to shop in LA? I shop for most of my clothes online but if not online then at thrift stores on Melrose Ave.

Tell us about your new clothing brand Runaway Kid. Making my own clothing brand has been a long term goal for me I have so many designs with so many meanings behind each piece. Can’t wait for everybody to see some new pieces. in 2022

Jacket by Dulce Bestia - Dress Shirt by H&M - Pants by Ocean Rebel - Socks by H&M

Shoes by ASOS

At 20 you have done so many amazing things what is the one memory that really stands out to you? Driving from Idaho to California I was thriving and vibing and was so happy to move.

What's your favorite food and restaurant?

Dave’s Hot chicken. Best chicken you will ever have by far.

Stripe Shirt by Urban Outfitters - Coat H&M - Pants by Scotch & Soda - Shoes by H&M

What are your plans for the holidays?

Relax and be with friends and family and for sure spoil my loved ones. I always love making sure that my friends and family are well taken care of.

What are you most excited about for 2022?

Being more fit for sure.


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