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Zack Lugo for Teen Alist Dec 2021

Teen Alist Magazine December 2021

Cover Story Interview Zack Lugo

Shot by Creative Director Susie Q

Styled by Fashion Editor Jazmin Whitley

Groomer Diane Dusting


This month Zack Lugo is staring on both Alist Nation and Teen Alist covers. Yes, a

Double covers, you may ask why a double cover? Zack Lugo has taken Hollywood by

storm. This small town boy is living the American dream. We are excited to bring you his first designs from his new clothing line "Runaway Kid". We have always sought out new talented designers to showcase their collections. We support new and local artists and hope you will as well.

Top by Runaway Kid

Let's talk Runaway Kid, when did you decide to start a clothing brand?

Having A different style in a small town was just not the move, so moving to LA kind of help me get motivation to start my own clothing line and really be myself. This clothing line is meant to inspire others to do the same.

Have you always loved fashion?

I recently just started getting into fashion ever since I moved out here just because everyone was just like Cowboys in my small town and didn’t express themselves through clothing. It has become an outlet for me to show the things that make me, me.

Top by Runaway Kid, Pants by H&M, Shoes by ASOS, Jacket by Lucky Brand

Tell us about the style of the clothing line.

So when I first moved out here I started wearing split tees with one long sleeve, and one short sleeve. Everyone always asked me about it so I decided I wanted that to be my line.

Will you be dropping a spring summer collection?

Yes my sister is actually the artist behind this next drop so it’s gonna be super sick. I can’t say much more but each drop surrounds a saying that I live by. This next one will have to do with the saying “never settle”

Top by Runaway Kid

Which fashion designers you are inspired by?

I don’t have a specific designer, but someone ’m inspired by Wisdom Kaye!

Tell us about your personal style.

Basically my style is just grungy skater style with a little twist on the split tees. I really love thrasher, Ragz Revenge and Ethika and those brands inspire my taste.

Top by Runaway Kid, Pants by H&M, Shoes by ASOS, Jacket by Lucky Brand

You have grown on social media at a very fast rate, which platform is your favorite?

Tiktok is my favorite platform just because it’s all about having fun, it’s not that serious and that’s my favorite part. I can be myself while making a career out of it at the same time.

Do you have a new year resolution?

One is to get in better shape, two is to grow my clothing Brand And also to grow my Twitch platform.

Where will you be celebrating the ball drop for 2022?

Possibly New York City with my girlfriend but not super sure yet! It is hard to plan ahead with the career I have!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I still see myself in LA And maybe bicoastal in New York City to pursue modeling, acting and streaming. I just take the opportunities that come and run with it. Who knows what the future will bring!


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