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The glaring number

Oh the scale. That number. That statistic. The games that nasty measurement tool can play. Why does it matter so much?? How has our society equated weight to being confident, comfortable, or “in-shape”?? Data can be motivating and an indication of progress when trying to lose weight. It can also be a major deterrent and psychological destroyer. The scale has a lonely glare, luring you in to step on it.


Some people weight every single day. It’s part of their morning routine. Others would never dare. Some only find out when the doctor makes them The trouble is that the scale can determine the rest of person’s day. What reads back to them can motivate or upset anyone. That numerical value can give a person their feeling of self-value. This is despite water retention (sodium), water loss, bathroom use, hormones, activity level, and of course time of day. All the variables seem to go astray when a person steps on that scale.

Not the only indication

The scale is not the only reward for your healthy eating choices, decision to pass on dessert, sweating at the gym, or effort to avoid fast food. Your BODY knows what it is doing. The scale doesn’t show your internal and overall health. Your weight is in constant fluctuation. Muscle weighs more than fat.

What the Doc says

Still, many avoid going to the doctor because the fear of that scale. What’s worse is that most times, the doctor’s scale is not in a private area. It is right in the hallway as people pass by. When a doctor tells us something, it carries additional weight to how we perceive this information.

OH and here’s more… did you weigh with clothes or shoes?? How old is that scale?? What surface was it on??

4 S’s

If you are going to keep up the weighing habit. Use the 4 S’s. Some common rules to follow would be:

  • Same time of day, on the

  • Same day each week, wearing the

  • Same clothing, and using the

  • Same scale

YOU have more to offer to this world than what a scale reads back at you. Embrace your BODY, embrace the change to be better, and love the process of becoming a healthier you.

Blog Written by: Megan Johnson McCullough @megan_everybodysfit

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